Jack on the Green

Just So Festival - currentstate-126

Nestled on the banks of Rudyard Lake, you’ll find a quiet corner where Ian Douglas will be weaving his tall tales.

‘A long time ago there was a young lad called Jack, who lived on his wits and never looked back. Jack’s journeys were many, his adventures well known, from humble beginnings his legend has grown. But all is not well in his fairy tale world; the stories we know have all twisted and twirled. Who knows what will happen if things don’t go back, to the way that things were when Jack was a lad. So come let’s adventure to where we think we have been, let’s go back to the time of Jack on the Green.’

We’re all familiar with Jack and the Beanstalk, or Jack the Giant Killer, but there are many more Jacks, and Ian Douglas will be weaving a tapestry of stories in a beautiful spot.